The importance of security cameras become more and more evident each day. People of all walks of life are using security cameras to catch thieves in the act. Surveillance cameras, like most other technology, has improved dramatically in recent years. No more fuzzy, black and white stills where you can hardly tell if what is on the screen is even a person, let alone a recognizable image.

Having a great CCTV system when something happens is a blessing, providing important evidence of a crime or situation. What if you want to view the footage live? What if you are not near the monitor, or even in your home or business?

The ability to monitor your security system on your mobile phone will give you the freedom and flexibility to disconnect from the monitors and still be able to see what is going on, no matter where you are. Connecting your CCTV camera to a mobile phone may not be as simple as you may believe. We’ll go through everything you need to know to make the connections properly and give you the mobile monitor capability.

We offer our installation services in every state, so whether you need installation from your home to business to store, we have got you covered.

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